ngong hills

ngong hills

Ngong hills forest is located in the northern tip of Kajiado County and it’s about 25Km from Nairobi city. The forest covers an area of 3077.6 ha. It is managed by Kenya Forest Service (KFS).

The vegetation of Ngong hills forest includes exotic and indigenous tress for example pine, cypress(Exotic)sandal wood, Acacia, croton (Indigenous) mainly determined by altitude, soils type and human utilization of the land. Grazing, forest fires also determine the spatial variation in vegetation cover.

The forest is known to host a variety of animals which includes: buffaloes, wild pigs, porcupine, and dik-diks.These animals are residents of the forest and their movement is usually determined by factors such as drought, water availability and forage availability.


Areas of special interest

  • High points for installation of communication masts.
  • 30 wind energy generation power sites.
  • Tourism attraction sites due to its vantage point and associated scenic beauty.
  • High altitude sports training and hiking areas.
  • Religious retreat sites.
  • Panoramic views of the Great Rift Valley and Nairobi city from the summit.
  • Beautiful grounds for hire



  • Hiking
  • Picnics
  • Camping
  • Viewing
  • Religious activities i.e. prayers
  • Team building
  • Weddings